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Kricpy Khera - How to Fall Asleep Fast and Easy With Your Pet

Are you always looking for sleeping tips on how to fall asleep fast and easy? You may even be thinking about getting a white noise machine for help with insomnia. There are millions of tools advertised for how to sleep better. But, if you own a pet, you might need to consider the effect they are having on your sleeplessness.

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Sixty-eight percent of U.S. households, or about 82.5 million families, own a pet, according to the 2013-2014 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). According to a recent survey of pet owners by the APPA, nearly half of dogs and 62% of cats sleep in their adult owner's beds.


Is your bed the gathering spot for all these animals when nightfall comes? Many people love snuggling with their dog or cat while they sleep. Sleeping pets help them feel secure, warm, and loved. The survey found that 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium-sized dogs and 32% of large dogs sleep with their owners; another 13% of cats sleep with children.

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For some households, pets are allowed on the bed without hesitation. But, it just might be that furry companion that is causing you to wake up in the morning feeling like you have sleep deprivation. If your cat is the type to jump on the bed, walk all around your pillow, and knead 10 spots before finding that perfect one, he just might be inhibiting your opportunity to fall asleep fast.

Even those dogs and cats that promptly lie down for a good night's rest might be causing more harm than you imagine. A study released by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center found that about 10% of the patients in the insomnia study said their pets disturbed their sleep in some way nightly. Among the disturbances were complaints of snoring, whimpering, wandering, the need to go outside, and medical needs of pets.


While you may not realize it, many dogs and cats leave the bed multiple times per night. Jumping on and off the bed can disturb your sleep causing you to wake slightly each time this occurs; this is particularly noticeable if you are not a sound sleeper. Using pet stairs can minimize the effects of your pet's movement leaving you sleeping peacefully in the midst of their travels.

So, it's up to you whether yours is a my-bed-is-your-bed kind of household. Just realize if you have trouble sleeping and start to wake up less than exuberant each morning that your best buddy might be your worst nightmare. It might be time to get your pet their own pet steps!

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